Friday, November 1, 2013

June Bugg

"It feels a trifle odd 2b the one asking the questions!"
JuNe was born in the Midwest, and raised between The Mile High City in Denver and The Metro East section of STL. He has lived the majority of his adult life in the south; from the Carolina's to Kentucky; from TN to FLA. An admitted wanderer who enjoys people watching and differing perspectives. A traveling, delightfully disorganized, far from naive upstart... He's been quoted as saying that his accomplishments include being the “Chairman and Founder” of his own conscience! JuNe is a Poetic FREElance, free spirit who writes everything but the technical. A father of three beautifully brilliant children, Asia, Kaleb and Angel Elizabeth. Definitely 2 Raw 4 TV; with no intentions of adding to the farce which is TELL LIE vision. Buckle up, hold on, and strap down your belongings. It's bound to get gritty "AROUND THE WAY!!" 

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