Friday, November 1, 2013

Palmetto Star

Nothing seems impossible for southern radio host/rapper/activist: Palmetto Star. Palmetto has always been an activist and heavily influenced by music of all sorts, across the board. He has been widely published, and even has two anthologies entitled after his work that were published by the National Book Foundation. All these accomplishments did not stop police from profiling the mogul in the making. There were a series of near fatal incidents with the South Carolina Police, which eventually escalated into an unprovoked, high-speed, police chase around the city. Fortunately, during this chase, Palmetto, nor his vehicle, were harmed in any way. After all charges were dropped against him, fellow advocates placed the police chase on YouTube. Needless to say, the police did not like this and started following Palmetto around the city and showing up at his rap shows. They did so much that it led Palmetto to leave the city he was raised and moved to Atlanta, GA. Once in Atlanta, he started a radio show called 2RAW4TV. 100,000+ listens, many celebrity guests, and 3 mixtapes later, Palmetto has proved himself as a media mogul and hip hop power house. Recently, Palmetto initiated a worldwide hunger strike in the name of justice for Trayvon Martin. 2RAW4TV is more than a radio show it's a movement! You can find him online at: Twitter: @Palmetto_Star, Instagram: @Palmetto_Star, and

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